Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Logi Freak Out

Call comes down from one of our squads main FC’s that he is going to be trying something new for our fleet.  He wants to attempt to engage BNI (Brave) with a harpy gang supported by scimitar logistics.  The key is that he doesn’t want to go in with overwhelming force, with the idea that BNI might actually undock and engage us if we give them the numerical advantage.  It is a risk but it sounds like a good plan.  If we are successful we will have engaged a fleet that outnumbers ours 3 or 4 to 1.  If we loose it will have been to a larger fleet that did a good jump holding us down and killing our ships.  Either way it might induce them to undock again and we can keep it up getting some more fights out of them.

The form up went well we had just over three squads of ships to go and engage them and it seemed their numbers were between 60 and 70, so a 2 to 1 advantage for them.  As we make our way the 4 jumps to the BNI staging system our scouts relay to the FC that Razor, another coalition member, is already engaging the BNI forces using Munnins.  As to be expected the kitchen sink fleet of BNI is not doing well against the coordinated fire of long range artillery fitted heavy assault cruisers.
BNI’s FC elects to dock up in the face of so much fire power and there is basically nothing we can do about it.  They have their own scouts out watching us, we know they do from cloak somewhere near the station, but with the razor gang still in the system they will not come out to engage us.
After nearly 30 minutes of playing around with them the FC decides that we will head home and stand down for a while.

On our way back to our staging system in Hemin we encounter the mobile warp disruption bubbles that razor has anchored on the gate in doril that we must jump in from.  They have put up enough of them that our whole fleet must pass through them over 40 km to get clear for warp.  Our fleet clears the bubbles and we make it back into hemin to the station and stand down for a rest.
Approximately 45 minutes later a new call goes out from the same FC to get into our Naga fleet doctrine and prepare to engage the enemy.  I run back to my pod and get into my scimitar once again to provide logistics support for the fleet.

We head out and are not really able to engage anything, there is a caracal gang (HML) that is warping about a system 5 jumps away and not really willing to engage us.  The FC tries several times to get a warp in on them and get them pined down so we can engage but each time it fails.  They are too far away for us to be able to kill quickly and simply warp off.

After 30 or so minutes of this going on the FC says the hell with this and we are heading home.  Now in order to get back home we have to go through the same bubbles that we did less than an hour ago.  Everyone on our fleet knows this and is annoyed but we still have to use that gate.
As we jump in the FC orders everyone to align to a specific point in space and turn on our microwarp drives (MWD’s) to get clear of the bubbles as fast as possible.  Given that we all come out of the jump in a random location 12 ish km from the gate those that are on the near side are up to 25 km from the people who came out on the far side of the gate.  With our MWD’s on the fleet is spreading out as individual capsuleer pilots have different skill levels with their ships.

It is at this point that one of the logistics guys (who was an unknown to me before that fleet) gets on comms and orders everyone to turn off their MWD’s because we are getting to spread out.  Now normally I am one who doesn’t speak up on our comms to often but in this case he was giving orders that the FC didn’t tell him to.  Not only was he not the FC but I was actually leading the logi group for that fleet.  And while I will admit I had already turned off my MWD to stay in range of the others that I came out nearly perfectly on that side of the gate and was well clear of the bubble, the fact that he said it made some of the people turn theirs off early.

My call over comms nearly overlapped the FC’s call to tell him that isn’t his call to make and to be quiet.  It is at this point that something I have never seen/heard before on a fleet happened.  He said that this isn’t how the other FC’s do it and he isn’t going to take it anymore and said “minus one scimi” and left the fleet.
With only about 30 or 35 of us in this fleet comms had been really good up until this point when virtually everyone on the channel just lost it and told him well fine we don’t want your kind here anymore and get the fuck out.

Everyone on the fleet has since started to call it the logi freak out.  Not sure what will happen to that capsuleer but given that the FC of this fleet is one of the two leaders of this squad I have a feeling that he is done in our group.  The amazing thing is that one of the others had a full scale malfunction on his ship and lost primary computer control.  So our whole fleet doubled back to make sure he was safe before we left the system.  He was able to go through a restart protocol and get his ship back up in less than a minute and we all warped off to our staging system together.  The logi who lost it on comms probably beat us back to hemin by 5 min at the most.  As a logistics guy it makes me so annoyed when he did that.  We have enough trouble finding logistics people to fly on ops and now this moron is making the rest of us look bad.

Ranger Gama



The most common question on comms after he went nuts was “*******can we shoot him?” followed by “but ******** we will all say it was a tactical overview bug and we didn’t know he was blue”.  In the end the FC ordered us not to fire but I am 100% sure that if he had the fleet would have fired and he would have died.

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