Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Capital Move Op

Finally after nearly two years working on skills and saving up for it I have my carrier and been accepted into the capital fleet of both TNT and the CFC as a whole.  My first official fleet was to help move not only my stuff but three other coalition mates ships to our new deployment in Hemin.  The coalition squad that I am in along with about 300 other capsuleers has been deployed back to curse as of last week to help shoot everyone.  The orders are to “shoot all the things” except for structures.  We really aren’t in the sov attacking mode right now after the long grinds of the Halloween war most of us don’t want to get into that kind of madness again anytime soon.  For the most part we are taking part in roams and getting into fights with the Hero coalition and the Provi bloc people.

The signal comes in to prepare to leave the staging system of QPO and jump out to Hemin.  Given that we are taking both carriers and dreadnaughts it has to be a slightly longer route cause the dreadnaughts don’t have the same jump range as the carriers, so annoying.

The FC orders the fleet to undock and has the first cyno pilot light his cyno.  We all jump and so on and so on down the chain.  One jump out the FC has the whole fleet regroup for the last jump into hemin.  We all dock and prepare to leave on his order.  He orders the cyno ship to undock in hemin and the fleet to undock and prepare to jump.  Given that he doesn’t want to give away who is aobut to jump in he has hired a non-cfc member to light the cyno for us to jump to.  We all trust that the FC knows this unaligned capsuleer and that he isn’t about to lead us into an ambush.

The cyno goes up and 20 carriers and dreadnaughts jump in.  At the same time that we are jumping in a coalition squad member undocks his ship and see a neutral cyno on the undock and locks him up.  The neutral cyno is calling for help that he is going to die if he is fired on.  The FC orders any carrier that hasn’t already docked to get ready to help the cyno if he is actually attacked.  The FC also spams out in local and in our squad specific comm channels to stand down and not engage that cyno ship but the other capsuleer either doesn’t see or ignores him and opens fire on the cyno ship.

With his act of aggression the station will not allow him to dock for one minutes, as it does to us all, to prevent someone from doing exactly what he just did and docking back up to be safe from retribution.

Our comm channels go nuts with people asking what had happened and if the cyno ship is down.  

Fortunately, the whole fleet managed to jump in before the cyno was killed and thus was not a huge issue of capitals jumping into random locations in the system when the targeting beacon went down.

We finally get a hold of the pilot who killed our cyno ship and explain to him that maybe he should think about not shooting a cyno when it is lite on a station and 20 allied capitals jump in.  That maybe that cyno was hired to help give cover to our capital operation.

In the end the cyno generator survived the explosion of the ship and we were able to salvage it so nothing was really lost.  Except of course for the neutral capsuleer who got shot….he was not happy at all.  In fact he was so mad that FC promised him we would shoot the guy if he cam back and tried it again.

Thus ended my first official capital operation as a member of the CFC capital group.

Ranger Gama


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