Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The hell camp of 0-W778

I connect my pod to my ship and prepare to jump out of the system.  The whole coalition has been given orders to attack the N3 staging system of 0-W and hell camp it.  We are going to be in the system attacking every starbase and putting fleets on the outposts undock around the clock for the next week.  The hell camp is something that I have been involved with before and it is never a fun thing.  You basically sit in your ship on the undock and wait for the enemy to undock something so you can attack them, but of course they pretty much never do in anything of substance.

The cyno’s go up and carriers and dreads jump in along with sub-caps being thrown across space by the titan bridges.  As we all land in the system the capitals head immediately off to incap (defang) the poses so that the subcaps can bring in the warp disruptors to trap any enemy ships inside them.
On the undock of the station are over 500 allied ships waiting for the enemy to come out were our weapons can get at them.

We are now in a holding pattern just waiting to see what the enemy will do.  Our spies confirm that they know we are here and are talking among their leadership on what action to take in dealing with us.

We all settle in for a long siege….

Three Days Later….

I warp from the staging starbase that has been put up for all the allied ships to use toward the outpost and prepare for combat.  So far it has been very quiet the enemy has not attempted a big break out of the assets that we have trapped in the outpost.

While my logistics cruiser isn’t going to be helpful in such a battle my job is to help repair the battleships that are the primary component of the sieging fleet.
Last report has the coalition fleets in the system at two full domi fleets (over 500 battleships with their logistic support) and a 170 man interceptor gang running around making trouble on the gates and starbases at will.  Additionally, we have carrier support at the main pos to help deal with anything that comes up and the rest of the capital fleet is on standby should the enemy try something that our domi and interceptor fleets cannot handle.

So far the enemy is only undocking interceptors or other small ships.  Every once in a while a battleship or carrier will undock and dock back up as soon as he is able to.  We are not sure why they are even bothering to undock those ships but it is very likely they are just as bored as we are and looking for some brief excitement.  For the most part they manage to dock back up and get safe before the fleet can engage them but every now and then one makes a mistake and is killed.

For now we are all just sitting and waiting for something to happen.  The fleet commanders know how dull this is and are doing everything they can to keep the fleet entertained, story time and recounting of old battles is a favorite past time of one FC.

We are expecting to take over the system within the next two days and once that happens the leadership has said this will be a deaded system, with no one allowed docking rights to prevent spies from evacuating assets that are still trapped inside.

Ranger Gama