Friday, March 22, 2013

PL's Super Drop

I get into my ship and am simply monitoring the situation around the area, nothing major just keeping an eye on local and our intel channels.  We have cloaked hostiles operating all over the place in our systems.  We have been harassing Pandemic Legions (PL) renter alliance (BOT) for the past about two weeks.  Hitting pos’s and sbu’s and generally just making a pain in ass out of ourselves.  We all knew that eventually PL would get tired of us doing this and drop the hammer on our heads.  Well just over a week ago they did just that and reinforced three of our outposts.  They however declined to return and finish the job so we successfully repaired all the damage they had done and our systems were stable again until approximately two days ago.

PL has apparently decided that enough is enough with us and has hit six of our systems including at least four outpost systems and put them all into reinforced mode.  Now we are at last night, we have outposts still in reinforced mode and there is nothing really that can be done against them until they come out and are vulnerable to attack.

I am sitting in my hound class stealthbomber just monitoring the area when intel comes in that a PL gila gang has arrived in 3-J and bubbled the outpost and set up just off the docking port.  Now that is just annoying but I want to see what they are doing and give my fellow alliance mates eyes on the situation so they know when it is clear.  I jump into the system and warp to an observation spot I have a few hundred km’s off the outpost and just sit and watch.

Nothing really happens, just about a dozen or so gila’s with some tackle support sitting on the undock just waiting for people.  They have managed to kill one of my alliance mates rifters that he had fitted with a cyno to move a jump ship of some kind, and that is really all.  Turned out that another alliance mate was also sitting watching the station in a stealthbomber but I didn’t realize it until we both started reporting on the changes occurring outside the outpost.

All of a sudden a cyno goes up near the outpost, and am surprised to see a cyno going up with the outpost in reinforcement mode and not capital ships of our own on the field I can’t figure out why PL has just light a cyno.

My sensors feel the gravitational stress as capital and supercapital ships jump into proximity with the outpost.  I can’t believe my tactical sensors when they report not only a dreadnaught and carrier but supercarriers and titans on the field.  Sitting at the outpost with the sub-cap fleet just waiting.  They launch fighters and fighter bombers and proceed to attack the outpost trying to disable the station services to make our lives harder as we try to work out of the outpost.

In the end PL jumped in 3 titans and at least a dozen supercarriers.  Their net effect was to reinforce one customs office in the system and damage some of the station services but they didn’t knock them all out.  While this was going on I was able to get into good camera range and get some pictures of the fleet shooting the outpost (linked below).

In my opinion this was an operation because the PL super pilots were bored and wanted to do something and this was the best they could come up with.  Not sure how much they spent in jump fuel to reinforce that POCO but I am sure it was worth it to them.

Before they withdrew from the system one of the titans did bridge their sub-caps back off the field with the sole exception of a hound class bomber that was in close proximity to a hel class supercarrier that stayed on the POCO in 3-J for some strange reason.  They both eventually left the system with no further action.


Ranger Gama

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