Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Long Wait

The ping goes out to form up dreadnaughts and boot carriers.  I figure why not, I haven't shot anything with my Thanatos in a while so will go.  I dock my pod with the carrier and make sure that the new hull rep drones that I had shiped in are ready to go.  Shouldn't need them on a combat op with capitals but you never can tell where or what we will end up doing so might as well have them along just in case.

The drones are ready and I make sure that fuel is in the carrier and everything is standing by for the jump.

All we have to do is wait for the FC to give the order to undock and we are gone......after 15 minutes he says that the tower isn't out of reinforced yet so get some more guys into the fleet.....another 20 minutes and the tower still isn't out yet but we need more people so send some messages to your corps and get some people going.....another 20 minutes and it is change out your DL2's to heavy neuts and points we are going up against a rupture gang that looks to be trying to save the towers we are going after.  So lets make sure we can cap them out and hold them with long points.

Ok that seems odd but hey if we get to shoot something why not.  I refit to my disruptor and two heavy nuets and we wait some more.

Over an hour after the first call to form up the capital fleet we get the order to undock and jump to the first set of cyno's and prepare for combat.  Dreadnaughts and carriers begin jumping away to the cynos and move us to the final staging system.

Everyone arrives at the final station and we dock up to make sure that fuel is ready in the bays and that our capacitors have fully recharged.

The order to undock and jump is given.  As we are undocking and jumping the FC calls for us to get reps on him as soon as we jump into the system.  We are jumping directly on top of his carrier.

We jump in and his carrier is 5,000 m from me....I lock him up and as soon as my targeting system locks I put a capital armor repper on his ship.  Forutunatly we are able to save his carrier with minimal effort, helps when nearly 60 carriers jump in and each put a capital grade repper on your ship.

Our dreadnaughts go into siege mode and begin locking up the targets while the carriers get our gardes deployed and lock up the hostile capital ships that are near the pos.  One enemy dreadnaught and two carriers are within 20 km of our fleet as we jump in.

All the carriers begin putting nuets onto the enemy capital ships along with warp disruptors on anything in range and we begin to engage.

Their is a freindly sub-capital fleet in the area with us who are also engaging and we do our best to provide cover fire for them as they do so for us.

Within moments the three capital ships have been destroyed and we begin to engage the sub-capital support.  The enemy has a mixture of T3 cruisers with T1 cruisers and T1 destroyers along with some interceptors to provide fast tackle.

The FC gives the simple order to set our targets by range and fire at will.  We all begin shooting whatever is closets to us with occasional changes as the FC spots something that we need to focus on.  We have one target that is out nearly 90 km from us when the FC calls him primary and we all have to refit our carriers to get the heavy neuts off and the DLA2's back on to shoot that far.

Once refitted the T2 cruiser is quickly taken down and we go back to clearing out the other ships near us.

The FC gives us the order to stand down and hold our fire the remaining ships in the area of the pos are friendly and we are to recall our drones and get ourselves ready to jump back to the staging system.

The dreadnaughts are ordered to jump out while our carrier group covers them.  The dreads all report they are safe and our carrier group prepares to jump away as well.

The FC orders all the carriers to jump and we all head back to our staging system.

Elapsed time between our jumping in to save the FC and the order to hold fire......4 minutes.


Carrier 1
Carrier 2
T3 1
T3 2

Apparently we were not supposed to shoot the destroyers cause they were friendly.....but ooops.  :)  We didn't kill too all many of them.....

Such is war.

Ranger Gama


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