Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Anti-Piracy Operation

I give the order to prepare the ship for an anti-piracy patrol within the system, while my corpmates does the same with his ship.  We are both ready and undock at the same time.  Right outside the station, first a Tengu undocks, one of the most fearsome missile cruisers in the cluster, and right behind is a Thanatos class carrier.  With its bays full of both automated attack drones and manned fighters, it is capable of great things in the hands of a skilled pilot.  I begin a scan of the system looking for any pirate activity.  With most of alliance deployed on the far side of the cluster, the pirates have become by far bolder and we have decided to eliminate some before returning to the warzone.  Our ability to jump clone back and forth is a great advantage.

The scans come up positive for several pirate bases in the system and I select one signature that I recognize as a primary base.  I initiate the squad warp to the target location knowing that the Tengu will land well before the carrier does but I trust the Tengu’s capsuleer commander to hold his own against the pirate ships for the few moments it will take me to arrive.

I come out of warp and immediately see missiles and turret weapons fire heading toward the tengu, he has already engaged the enemy and they are firing on him with every weapon they have.  I deploy sentry drones and set them to link with the tengu’s offensive systems.  Now whatever my corpmate fires on my deployed sentry drones will attack at the same time.  This greatly increases our effective firepower, another little perk of being a capsuleer.

Most of the pirate fleet switches over to my carrier and my shields begin to drop, but I am not worried as everyone knows the Thanatos class carriers are armor heavy ships and the dozen or so battleship and cruiser class pirate ships are no match for both a carrier and tengu.  I pulse the armor repair systems when needed to handle the incoming damage.

My corpmates tengu is firing heavy missiles effectively at neatly a round a second hitting two enemy targets at the same time and along with the fire of my sentry drones makes short work of the enemy ships.  The enemy has called in reinforcements that appear and begin to engage us but they split their fire between us rather than attempting to overwhelm our defenses on either ship individually.  Clearly they have never engaged in battle against capsuleer commanded starships and don’t understand how to fight capsuleer commanded ships.  It is funny to watch their attempt to engage us and fail to cause the even the most minor of damage to our ships.

Eventually their reinforcements simply stop coming and we finish littering the field with destroyed pirate hulls.  Given that none of them are commanded by a capsuleer the escape pods of their crews don’t show up on the main tactical systems and I didn’t care enough to reconfigure the secondary systems to search for escape pods.  We were not using smart bombs so mast of the pirate crews should have survived.  Note to self to send a mail to the recruiting agents and have them check for those crewmembers, they maybe pirate scum but they do tend to have some very well trained people…..and well trained people aren’t as easy to get even with the hugely expensive salaries I have to pay.
I scan the system again and select the next target that shows the most activity and we head off again.  Over the next three hours, we attack and destroy six different pirate bases costing untold billions in damages to the pirate organization.  For each base we have attacked, nothing remains after we are finished.

Our ships have taken no significant damage and we dock up knowing that we have done our part to keep the system free from pirates.  I give all of my crews the stand down order and 72-hour liberty.  I will be at a special conference for the next four days and will not need them.

Even a capsuleer needs some down time now and again.

Ranger Gama

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