Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Soooo Close

The call comes out for additional pilots in frigate sized craft to come and assist in a wh system where some of our pilots have engaged the enemy.  Who is this enemy you may ask?  I have no idea and it doesn't really matter the call has come out to come and engage so I am off in my Wolf class assault frigate.  I just got this frigate fitted up over the past couple days, haven’t had a chance to fire its weapons yet so this will be fun.  As I arrive at the linked system with the wormhole to go in the FC reports they are pulling back leaving a single cloaked scout to watch the area and see if the hostiles will come back out from their pos and into the open where we can engage them.

The FC decides we should roam around a bit and just kill some time while we wait so off we go across a few systems seeing very little in the way of hostiles.  We encounter 2 BL. ships but our scouts in other channels have reported their fleet on standby waiting to drop on a target just 8 jumps away, within titan bridging range so we decide to not engage and continue on.

Having seen nothing of real value we begin heading back to our main system and our forward scout reports a single hostile naga class battle cruiser heading our way.  As the only fast tackle in the area I jump into the next system to wait for the naga to arrive.  As I come into the system and get set a small group of guristas ships is sitting waiting for me.  Of course they engage because I am just holding in the area and I begin to orbit the gate paying them no real attention as I wait for the capsuleer naga to jump into the system.

Gate Flash

Here he comes…..his transit cloak drops and he is only 10,000 meters from me, I overheat my MWD and prepare to grab him with my scram, I only need to close 1000 meters and I have him….9,000 meters….target locked…
Right as my systems lock on and the scram will activate the rats that I had been ignoring activate jammers and block my targeting systems with their signals.

I loose my target lock and the naga escapes, as I turn to pursue I forget to turn off the overheated mwd and my alignment times are so bad that we are never able to catch the naga.  He is always just head of us getting through the gate and in route to the next one.
No one can believe the rats managed to get a jam on me at just the right time for the target to escape, I had the target within 7,000 meters when the jammer went active.  With the rest of the group just seconds behind me their was no way he could have escaped once they jumped in but he did because of those rats.

In addition because I forgot to turn off my overheated mwd I nearly burned it out and had to repair it once back in our space.  Also, I nearly burned out my scram trying to get that point on the naga.

After chasing the naga for 4 systems trying to catch up we decided that we wouldn't be able to get him and headed back to our main systems.  We believe he was also a nano fitted naga, he was moving very quickly.
On the way back to our system I see the rats still on the gate where they had jammed me and I have serious thought to destroying all of them for costing us that kill but in the end I decided that I wouldn't waste my good ammunition on their hulls…..they got lucky…..this time.

Ranger Gama


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