Thursday, April 11, 2013


I send word ahead to the outpost to make sure that my scimitar is ready for immediate launch as soon as I arrive.  Word has come down from alliance fleet commander to form up for an emergency operation that must leave immediately or the enemy may escape.  As I jump into the staging system the fleet commander reports that they are preparing to leave from the outpost…I am in warp willing my ship to arrive sooner.  The outpost knows better than to delay a capsuleer when they are approaching and I am able to dock immediately upon arrival.

I extract my pod from my hurricane class battlecruiser and have it linked to the scimitar class logistics cruiser without ever setting foot in the outpost.  As soon as I have linked and the systems checks are passed, I launch the ship out from the outpost and set course for the target system.  It is only two jumps away from our main staging system so takes just a few moments to arrive.  I am one of the last to arrive at the target system and I assemble with the rest of the fleet on the entry gate.

The FC orders us to move to planet 1 and wait for the warp in to the WH.  One of our scouts has found a battle site with some people busy looting the field and has moved into position to get us a warp in right on top of them.  Our interdictor arrives at the WH and the fleet warps to him.  Everyone gets into position on the wh and the interdictor jumps into the wh system.  The enemy is beyond dscan range and do not detect his arrival.  He warps to zero on our cloaked scout that is sitting just 6000 m from the enemy.  His orders are to deploy a disruption bubble as soon as he lands.  He reports that he is in warp and the FC orders the rest of the fleet to jump into the wh system and warp to 0 on our scout.  We should arrive within seconds of our interdictor pilot.

The dictor pilot lands and deploys his bubble trapping two enemy ships….within 10 seconds the rest of us land and the FC calls the rattlesnake as primary.  Our entire small fleet drops to within 20 km of him and we all open fire, given that I am in a logistics ship my role is to repair any damage done to fleet mates.  I have a single light autocannon for self defense and I use it here on the rattlesnake knowing that it will do no real damage but you never can tell what can happen.

The rattlesnake explodes in a fireball and the FC shifts our fire over to the proteus that is also trapped in the bubble with rattlesnake.  We shift over to him but he is no match for us and he goes down in a nice fireball of his own.  Because we had the warp bubbles deployed the capsuleer pods are unable to make it clear before we are done with their combat ships and we send first one then the other capsuleer to his clone somewhere in known space.

While the main fleet was dealing with the rattlesnake and proteus our interceptor pilot burns nearly 80 km to get primary tackle on a loki that is sitting just watching us kill his friends.  As far as I know he makes no effort to escape from the area and our pilot lands primary tackle on the loki, with the dictor following close behind to trap his pod.  The fleet burns down the loki and sends the capsuleer to join his other friends in known space.

Only one of our ships took any damage and with several scimitars in the fleet we are able to rep his shields without any trouble.

The FC gives the order to loot the field and we pull in everything that we can find and prepare to withdraw from the system.  Our initial scout has found another wh into low sec so he is dispatched to check it out and see if there is something else that we can go and attack.  We have more than enough dps and shield repair power to deal with a small pirate base.  He reports that there is only one capsuleer in the low sec system and the FC makes the decision that we will head back into our space with our loot and stand down.

The final tally for our side:  Rattlesnake, Loki, Proteus, and the pods for the pilots destroyed.  300 million or so of loot recovered.  No losses to any allied ship.

Our scout later tells me that he had been observing this group attack, destroy two other ships, and just sit around at the combat site doing whatever they were doing until we dropped right on top of them and destroyed them.

Lesson for the future:  If you can ambush someone in a WH, there is no reason why you can’t in turn be ambushed.


Ranger Gama

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