Sunday, January 29, 2012


Got a new shiny toy last week and this was my first real chance to take it out and see how it works. After hearing rumors of operations going on between eveuni and RvB I decided to go and check out the location my source had mentioned. It wasn't too bad, just about 12 jumps or so from my main base. I arrive in the system feeling good about my new found nemesis and my loads of torpedoes that I could unleash onto unsuspecting foes.

I spent the next 90 minutes setting up watch positions on the gates and the belts in anticipation of getting in on a kill for someone doing mining, or even going up against the rats that are all over the place. Still amazes me that these guys can find crews, ah well that is their problem not mine.

I warp to a belt and set up my final observation point, seeing three rat battlecruisers in the belt and knowing there is nothing you can do about it is annoying to say the least. My little nemesis would be toast if they got a good solid hit in on it so I set up my bookmark and I am about to warp away when I pick up a new ship on scan.....I hold my position to see if I can find him....and what do you know he drops into the belt that I am at...excellent....he is in a rifter and that could be a problem for my nemesis but as I am cloaked he doesn't know I am in the belt watching him. My sensors detect weapons fire and signs of warp scramblers in the area in immediate proximity to the rifter and the three battlecruisers.

A sly grin crosses my face, he is engaged against those rat battlecruisers and thus presents an opportunity to take him while he is engaged with them. Their firepower and distraction could be all the opening I need to score my first kill with this nemesis.

I continue moving towards him, keeping an eye on the asteroids that are near my flight path to avoid being uncloaked by their proximity...the three rat ships are going at him with full intensity and I can see on my hud that he has an mwd drive. That shouln't be a problem, I am faster than the speed he has relieved so far but if I get within scram range I am in big trouble.

My tactical systems can provide me only limited information on how the battle is progressing, cloaks are so great for so many things but the lack of full scale tactical readouts is annoying. No matter I continue to close the distance and get ready to attack.

40km and closing.......

30km........I send the neural command to arm my torpedoes and begin the warm up sequence for my disruptor and target painters......

25km.....the rifter pilot and the rats are still going at each other full tilt......

20km nearly in attack range.....I prepare to uncloak and attack of the rat battlecruisers explodes sending wreckage out in all directions....

17km...I am within attack range and I mentally reach out to my cloaking device to shut it down and begin the attack sequence....the rifter warps off....DAMN close.....I reverse course to head away from the site to clear anything that might decloak my ship.

Having never been able to get a full lock on with my targeting systems I assume that the rifter wasn't able to remain in combat with the other two battlecruisers because of battle damage, or capacitor drain.

I remain in the belt for several minutes but the rifter does not I set course back into high sec and proceed to dock up for a few hours.

I need to rest and get some food.....I have heard about a new restaurant in a system nearby that serves something they call mexican database I have searched has relieved what that name really means.....crazy people and their novel names for foods.....turns out it is pretty damn good.


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  1. LOL... Not bad, wish you had got the kill though, that would been some nice pwnsauce to go with them tacos!

    W\I like yer stlye... hope you will post moar.