Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gallente Militia

I walk into the nice outer office and past the receptionist, they don't ever really bother to try and stop a capsuleer, and wait near the inner office door for the man I am here to see. I have decided that it is time for me to put my skills to use defending the Minmatar people, and to that end I have decided to join the Gallente militia. Being based in Gallente space it makes more sense to join their militia than to join the Minmatar militia, and given their close working relationship it doesn't really matter anyways, I will be allies to the Minmatar militia members while serving in the Gallente militia.

The recruiter opens his door and sees me sitting waiting for him....he knows that I am a capsuleer, I can tell by the look on his face. His receptionist probably sent him a message that I was out here and that I was a capsuleer, oh well not like that really matters. He asks me to come into his office and I step through.

I tell him that I have come to join the Gallente militia and that my whole corp will be joining with me. He seems pleased to have additional capsuleers joining the militia, there are so few of us in New Eden that anytime one of us joins a group like this they are always happy to see us.

I step up and put my hand on the scanner for DNA verification of my identity......and the recruiting officer looks up at me and says that there is a problem. My standings and the standings of my corp are not high enough with the Gallente Federation for them to allow me into the ranks of the Gallente militia.

I stare at him in shock believing that this is a mistake and ask him to check it again. He runs another check and confirms that the standings are not high enough. Disappointed I turn to leave his office and as I walk out the door he informs me that I am close to meeting the requirements and that there are any number of agents that I can speak to about getting my reputation higher for the Gallente Federation itself.

So for now my wish to serve has to be put on hold until I can go and speak to some of these agents and get my reputation within the Gallente Federation higher to be allowed to join the militia and serve.

((Couldn't believe it, goes to show how few missions I have actually run with this guy when your faction standings are 0.2 and they need to be 0.5 to join the militia. Guess I will run some level 4 missions and that will be the end of that pretty quickly. I am hoping to have stories of PVP from the faction warfare in the near future.))

Ranger Gama
Spartan Guard

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