Saturday, July 30, 2011

No Rest For The Weary

Fountain has completely fallen to CF forces, a small handful of systems remain to be formally claimed yet it is only a matter of time before they are. With the remaining systems now firmly under our control, I turned mine and my crews’ weary eyes to the task of securing this newly acquired space and making it our home. I was looking forward to a few days of R&R in our new space, exploring the systems and seeing what kind of resources are available in our new area. The corp is discussing moving out to Fountain or remaining in Cloud Ring. I have to say I am not sure which would be best. There are definite advantages to living in Fountain; the main constellation that FA has taken control of is very rich in resources, but moving all of the corps operations out to this area will not be easy. In fact our logistic people, really two or three guys, have just finished a big move out just a couple of weeks ago. It will cost a lot of carrier and jump-freighter fuel if we have to move that stuff again. For now we wait and enjoy the riches of this area.A few days ago Truen1ght was doing his scanning thing, looking for things to do and finds in our new area found an unstable wormhole that lead to, of all places, Amarr high sec space. In fact this system was just 10 jumps from the Gallente market hub of Dodixie, which was very good. Following the invasion, the markets in the Fountain region are pretty light and we are needing to get our industry people out here manufacturing ships, modules, and ammunition. Until they get going, we have to bring in all of the supplies. So myself, Truen1ght, and two other allied pilots decided to help seed the market in the area of Fountain we are based in. The operation was a great success. I went all the way out to Jita to pick up equipment and bring it in along with ammunition and isotopes for ships. Got everything moved into our systems and put onto the markets no problem. I was impressed by how quickly it got organized, and we had guys watching systems looking out for us and everything.

The next day the head of Rebellion Alliance decides that he doesn’t want to be part of the alliance any longer and disbands the alliance. With the disbanding of Rebellion Alliance, they have lost control over many systems along the northern frontier of NC space with the DRF (Drone Russian Forces). After the Rebellion Alliance was disbanded and their claim on their systems was lost, DRF forces took advantage of the situation, as anyone would have, and launched a massive invasion of Geminate. Frantic calls went out throughout the CF and NC membership to come and reinforce those areas and push back the invading DRF pilots.

Initial reports stated that 800 DRF pilots comprised the first wave and brought with them TCU’s and SBU’s to take control of the systems. While it appears as though the CF and NC were caught completely by surprise by the disbanding of Rebellion Alliance, the DRF does appear to have prior knowledge and were prepared. Within 10 minutes of the disbanding and loss of control of those systems the DRF pilots had attacked. While gathering a major invasion fleet and the equipment needed to take control of a system in such a short time certainly argues for advanced warning to the DRF of the coming disbanding of Rebellion Alliance, it has not been made public if the leader of Rebellion Alliance has betrayed the NC. I believe he has.

Yet again, after promising my crew some R&R, we are thrust back into the war for control of many systems. Yesterday I learned of a major battle underway but I am not familiar with this region of space and the commander of the fleet had make a mistake in the spelling of the name of the system the battle took place in. I was not able to join my corpmates and participate in the battle. Intelligence reports from the battle paint a very sad picture for the NC: 10 Titans and 5 Supercarriers destroyed and only 2 Titans and 2 Supercarriers killed. Perhaps it is fortunate that I was unable to find that system, I probably saved my battleship and my crew from destruction. Now it remains to be seen if the DRF will continue to fight or if they will withdraw from the area. The NC/CF counter-attack took them by surprise in the initial few hours after their invasion and they lost virtually all of the space they had occupied, but the still have strongholds that will need to be reduced before this region can be considered secure. Only time will tell if the NC/CF has the will to continue another campaign following the conclusion of two back to back large scale deployments.

Ranger Gama

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